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What are chemtrails?
Tornadoes  in Gatineau / Ottawa   

Chemtrails above Ottawa in Canada  
March 13 2019   
Freezing rain
April 2019 Gatineau    Avril  11th 2019
Floods in Quebec            Avril  2019
Aliens chemtrails?
Destroying chemtrails with our thoughts  
Meditation to remove chemtrails 
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    What are chemtrails ?    What is geoengineering?

Chemtrails are those long white traces of planes in the sky which stay a long time, spread and change into clouds. Those that are rapidly disappearing are natural contrails; it is the water vapour generated by the combustion of kerosene of jet aircraft.

   Those that remain and extend, generating cloud cover, are artificial; they are spread by planes specially modified to disperse chemicals into the atmosphere.  Just raise your head and if you observe these white lines, watch how they expand, hide the sun and form a cloud cover.

They contain nanoparticles of aluminum, strontium, barium and many other things.  Aluminum nanoparticles are particularly toxic. They easily cross the brain barrier protection and accumulate in the brain.  Some researchers say that there is a direct relationship between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease.
   These spraying began 30/50 years ago.  The media never talk about them.  The program is top-secret.    Why if it is good for us?

   In the age of the Internet, we learn all kinds of interesting things.

An excellent website           

   Chemtrails are the basic element for climate control and a weapon for depopulation.  Chemtrails are a major tool to increase  global warming.   They  are weapons to create droughts, floods and the spectacular tornadoes that we see every day in the news.   In summary,  governments, do experiments, create problems and accuse the CO2.   Even if there are no proofs that this hypothetical warming is connected with the amount of CO2, all the media, and the UN still have the public believing that.  It allows them to continue to experiment with their weapons and introduce new taxes for a «noble» cause.  

   To influence the climate they spray these metallic nanoparticles in the sky which stay in the atmosphere because of their microscopic size.   Then they send microwaves along these metallic trails and warm up very specific areas attracting or repulsing masses of air.  You may do a research with HAARP in Alaska.  It was one of the first place used for that.   Since then, there are many other places producing microwaves in activity in the world.

If you observe the sky, you will notice that within 24 to 48 hours after a period of intense spraying of chemtrails, there is an unusual event automatically attributed to climate change:  torrential rain, storms, hail, heat wave, freezing rain, heavy snow, etc.  Controllers now have control of the North American climate.   CO2 is the innocent scapegoat that diverts the attention from the real culprits.

   Note: The general public is programmed to react to conspiracy ideas as if it were a crazy concept:  "Another theory of conspiracy!"...  But when you become aware of chemtrails you realize that they have been above our head for 50 years and that we did not see them.  Personally I had been told a dozen years ago, before I realized that it was true.   I am not very quick...  ;-)   So, yes, there could be a conspiracy right in front of our eyes and we do not see it.

  One day that I was in front of a beautiful lake in a park, I showed a chemtrail to a woman who evidently was very educated.   When I explained to her what it was she asked me angrily, «Who are you?   What are your credentials?».   I think that she was so shocked by the evidence that it challenged her confidence. " How a nobody can see something so obvious and i did not see it before?"  So funny!   How many other conspiracies exist around us that we are not aware of?    


    After denying chemtrails for decades, now that many people are aware of it the government is beginning to talk about it.   That means that some people in the government have been lying for decades...   How is it possible to believe them in the future? 

   Here in this 2-minutes video  M.
John Brennan ex-director of CIA speaks openly about it.   After 30 years of deny, he confirms that the ''conspirationnists'' were right !!!


   What is wonderful with chemtrails is that the controllers of this world have been writing in the sky in huge letters for years that conspiracies exist and are very real.   Thanks to Dr. Blaylock who  opened my eyes few years ago into a completely different world.

     Here is a video filmed by pilots in their cockpit

  The original video of better quality  is on Youtube

     Tornadoes in Ottawa - Gatineau

   As I was writing these lines, five tornadoes hit our two neighbouring cities, Ottawa and Gatineau.  The closest was 3.5 km.  I've never seen that; meteorologists neither.  Tornadoes are rare in Canada.  When we know that the province of Quebec is about the size of India and that there are 6 tornadoes per year spread over this territory, what is the probability that five of them hit our region, the national capital of Canada?  Extremely low.  In addition, on the day of the autumnal equinox, very far from the heat of summer?  And what is the probability of it exactly when I put on the internet a recipe to counter them?  Strange coincidence ...Maybe I had the intuition that something was happening related to chemtrails.

  To influence the climate, planes "seed" the sky with metallic particles that, because of their microscopic size, remain suspended in the atmosphere.  Then microwaves are sent, guided by these nanoparticle corridors, to warm specific geographical areas and direct the air masses in the desired direction.  You can do a search on the project HAARP in Alaska which is one of the issuers.  There are many other bases for microwaves now around the world.

   During the day of the tornadoes in Gatineau, there has been a sudden rise of temperature.  I even told somebody that it was a very strange sensation, a very uncomfortable feeling even for me who like very much heat.  I did not like that kind of heat.   I could not stay outside.  I understand now that i was picking up the microwaves warming the high atmosphere to generate air vortexes to create these tornadoes.

  I probably also had the intuition that something fishy was going on connected with chemtrails.    That would explain why I did a web page just before the tornadoes.

   I believe that the target was Ottawa the capital of Canada.   Such an event is a very spectacular and secret way for a country to put pressure on another government.   I wonder which country would be advanced enough and close enough to do it?   ;-)   Any idea?

  You may have noticed that officials are talking less and less about global warming, which is slow to be felt, but more and more about "climate changes".  Could it be that the theory of global warming by CO2 is only a facade, a smoke-screen to hide the manipulation of climate by geoengineering?  For new taxes?  For control?  For fun?  For depopulation?  For experiments?   ???

    Many chemtrails over Ottawa

     One of the justifications given by scientists and politicians who dare to talk about it, is the reduction of the temperature of the globe.   One can ask the question of the merits of the temperature reduction when it is  -20 degrees Celsius in the region ...    There are probably other reasons for this chemical spreading.     Maybe to kill mosquitoes?

  Living near the Canadian national capital on the Quebec side, I can observe the planes drawing in the sky.   One thing has often intrigued me: I can see many more chemtrails over the city than toward the North where the density of the population is low.    In other words, it seems that it is often the population that is targeted and not the country in general.    Among the multiple components of chemtrails, it includes bacteria, viruses, morgellon fibers, and nanobots. The latter are nano-robots that, once inhaled, can move easily through the body and access the brain to influence behavior.   Some researchers say they can provoke passivity or come together under the influence of specific microwaves to create physical implants for the coming Artificial Intelligence.

   I worked for 18 years in Ottawa with the public servants of the government.  Most of them are very good people who try their best to do a good job.  In some departments during winter, entire floors were sick with many absentees.   In general, the ventilation system was blamed and accused of spreading dangerous germs.   It was probably partly true.   But could there be other parameters involved?   For example some chemicals or bacteria in the outdoor air or some fluor in water?

   It is tempting to think that passive public servants in survival mode are more easily controllable.  What does a leader want?  A team that obeys without question.
  It should be noted that brain-related illnesses in Canada are growing dramatically.   The problems of depression, exhaustion, stress, lack of attention and various mental illnesses are more and more common.    It is sure that a person who, in addition to financial pressures, work, family ... fights against a virus for weeks or months, this person does not really have the energy to ask questions, to check ethics, to challenge or oppose decisions.  She/he is in survival mode.  How many times have I heard "I had such a nasty flu this year.   It took me two months to get rid of it!"

   The classic scheme of the controllers of this world is action-reaction-solutionThey create a problem provoking a demand in the population and they provide the solution they have prepared in advance.  A now classic example is the attack on the World Trade Center.  It is now proven that this event was organized by the US government.  This allowed to pass the Patriot act which suppressed many liberties of the US citizens and gave a pretext to attack Afganisthan.   For sure the Patriot act which is a complex and voluminous piece of legislation could not be prepared in two days.  It had been written over a long period of time and was ready for a vote before 9-11.

   The question is :  why are these planes spraying people in secret?  Is it
- To make them more intelligent?
- To make them sick?
- To improve their health?
- To make them passive?
- To make them more efficient?
- To make them docile?
- To vaccinate them?
- To do some experiments?
- To ........
  You have the choice.

    Freezing rain April 2019 Gatineau - Ottawa area

   The temperature was rising day after day.  The forecast for the next week was good.  Spring was coming, but, but ...  Well, I could see these planes going back and forth in the beautiful blue sky leaving their toxic trails behind them.   Again and again, one after the other.  All day long.   they were very determined.  For sure, this would lower the temperature by hiding the sun.  Does not someone like small birds that start singing again?  Do not they want to see plants shyly showing their first leaves?  That day, I think they went back and forth at least 40 times.  There was even a chembow around the sun, a sort of rainbow, a halo due to the diffraction of light by the nanoparticles.  That day they won.  In the evening the sky was covered with characteristic clouds.  I wonder how much it cost and who paid.   But it's a detail.  The temperature dropped.

   I was wondering, "Why are they doing this?  Why cool down the atmosphere now?  What is their plan? Maybe somebody likes to ski longer?"   I got an answer quickly:  Two days later the freezing rain came back and the snow began to fall again.  I do not mind because I love spring cross-country skiing and I could enjoy the beautiful trails of the nearby park a few more days.  But for the average Canadian who was tired and depressed because of this long winter, it confirmed him/her that there is something abnormal.  There climatic anomalies tell him/her that we must act!   Would it have any connection with the Trudeau government's new carbon tax?   Noooooooooo.  It's a coincidence.

   This winter we had a dozen similar events with freezing rain; quite unusual and dangerous.  30 years ago it was rare.  This last time, Montreal was very affected  but the National Capital Region did pretty well.  We did not have much.  Maybe our meditations against chemtrails have had some effect after all?   We could not stop them all but we may have changed a little their plan

 I must admit that the day after, the glittering
trees in the forest along the trails were beautiful.  I was almost grateful to the manipulators ...
   I take my hat off: they are good manipulators.  They cool the atmosphere and make everybody believe that it's because of global warming.  It's a good sleight of hand.  Where is the trap?  Television continues to spread the idea that Canada is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet.  But personally, loving the heat, I wait for it.  In vain.  I still do not see any convincing signs.  A French expert shown on the internet some photos of the Arctic pack ice taken by Norvegian's satellites with much more ice than NASA's photos.   Anyway, it seems that the plants in Canada are growing faster because of CO2, which means that the farmers will have better crops.  Just for the record :  the measured increase of CO2 is from  0,4% to  0,5%...   CO2 is not even 1% of the atmosphere.  The increase of CO2 is 1/1000 of the atmosphere.   How such a minute quantity of gas can have such a huge effect on the planet?   It is a mystery.  

   Maybe we should stop breathing?

Floods in Gatineau - Ottawa in April 2019

   Climate manipulators often amplify the natural tendencies of a region to create disasters.  One of Canada's recurring dangers is snowmelt, which can cause flooding when it is too fast or accompanied by heavy rains.  The 2017 floods in the area had been a record.  Those of 2019 were even more important.  And even though the damage was mainly material, the media has talked about it all over the world, showing everyone that even the nation's capital of Canada is not safe.

   At the beginning of the event, in mid-April, a hot and humid disturbance arrived directly from the Gulf of Mexico to cover the entire populated region of Quebec province.  While observing the sky I could note several successions of  "interesting" and recurring
phenomena :

        - one or more days of warm weather
        - a massive spread of tens of chemtrails
        - unusual heavy rains
        - a new wave of warm weather, etc.

   Of course, the alternation of warm weather and rain creates ideal conditions for a disaster.

             Conclusion:       The floods of 2019 have been artificially provoked!

     Aliens chemtrails?

     A few days ago I was surprised to see videos posted by individuals showing chemtrails in formation but the planes seemed strange, like holograms, or spheres, or invisible vehicles ...

        Chemtrails from invisible planes

        Chemtrails without planes

        Another chemtrail from an invisible plane

    You may just search on Youtube with the words "chemtrail invisible plane".   You will find several.

    If these videos are real, how is it possible?  Have the military developed technologies that make their planes invisible or are UFOs spraying us discreetly?  It is a mystery...

   William Tompkins was responsible for the first lunar Apollo rockets.  Before leaving us definitively last year he shared many experiences that he had during his interesting life.

  In one of the last interviews he was talking about some reptilian UFOs spraying gas.


Destroying chemtrails with our thoughts
    Perhaps you had fun when you were young making small clouds disappear with your thoughts.  We can do the same thing with chemtrails.  These nanoparticles by their infinitesimal size are very sensitive to thoughts.  Here in Canada, with few others we have done experiments with success.   Now, we have very few chemtrails in the sky of Gatineau-Ottawa.   Destroying chemtrails is not only useful but interesting: seeing the influence of our thoughts on matter and pilots is very encouraging.  The idea that our thoughts are powerful becomes a tangible reality.   We have success with few people.   Imagine if we were thousands...

  I found on the internet some videos of people who made chemtrails and planes disappear with prayers.  It is very similar.  Sometimes, the most simple basic solutions are the most efficient.   I put below the thoughts that I use in my morning meditation and when I see  chemtrails.   You may invent your own images in your own meditation.   It will work.   When you see these white lines in the sky, stop for a moment and send them some powerful thoughts!!

     MP3 meditation without music to eliminate chemtrails

     MP3 meditation with music to eliminate chemtrails

    It is easy to find information on the internet.

A website from New Zealand

Details of the technology of chemtrails

CIA and chemtrails 
Dr. Blaylock, excellent retired neurosurgeon  explains in detail the dangers of chemtrails

      and aluminum

   If you like to share your experiments and improvements of this method :
Contact   address

   A complaint was filed in Ottawa to demand that the Canadian government does not allow any more these sprayings.  But this complaint was not accepted in court since chemtrails do not exist!!!  

      May be we are all dreaming??   ;-)