Meditation in action


Elimination of chemtrails
by thoughts

Imagination against geoengineering and climate change








What is a chemtrail?   What is geoengineering?

If you still have those long white lines in the sky, you are lucky because you are still able to exercise the power of your thoughts on matter.  Yes, it is possible to destroy the components of chemtrails using our imagination.  Several of us are experimenting with this method: it works!

    Different groups have spent a lot of energy using legal, political, advertising and internet channels
to stop geoengeenering .  Yet planes continue to spread their toxic substances.  It is therefore time to try a completely different approach that costs nothing and provides a quick solution:  power of intention and imagination.  Traditionally, what did humans do in the past in the face of big problems?  They prayed.  One could think that if the tradition had been maintained, it was because they had noticed some results.  This is what we do here in the most universal and simple format possible.  We find that the trails disappear within half an hour of our interventions.  The ancients were right: thoughts can create.

   It does not matter if we call it prayer, meditation, visualization,
imagination, magical thinking or the power of intention.  The key is to create images and thoughts with good concentration for a few minutes.  When you practice that as a game, and you see the results, it brings a lot of happiness and inner power.

 You can invent your own concepts or use the following ideas and images:

I invoke the help of Above
I imagine that ... I am a very powerful spirit in the center of the head. 

I let Universal Energy pass through me.

I tell the pilots to leave.
I imagine that ... The planes disappear in a flash of light.

The nanoparticles are disintegrated in a chain reaction.

The nanoparticles are transmuted into oxygen.
I imagine that ... A huge vacuum cleaner sends the pollutants into a black hole.

A beautiful blue sky appears with natural clouds.

A new ozone layer is forming.

  When you see chemtrails in the sky, you may use  the images above.
  You may also create your own images from 
your own beliefs and your own imagination.
   The meditation below is a sample of practice. 

Chemtrails disappearing
                   MP3 meditation without music  8 min                Download  

    MP3  meditation   with music    8 min               Download 


    Time to time during the day (or the night ;-), if they continue spraying, recreate these thoughts and these images and direct them toward the culprits.   Even if there is only one person doing it, it works!!

    But do not count on your neighbour,  you are that person!

    Also remember that, even if you do not see them, planes also spread their chemical above fog or clouds to generate more rain, snow or hell.  So when the forecast has a special alert, it is good to do some practice and trick the meteorologists.

   You can influence few kilometers or hundreds of kilometers...   The sky is the limit.

   Have fun,