Meditation in action

Imagination and power of thoughts

against   globalists,  covidists, 
chemtrails  and  5G 

You wonder what you could do to stop psychopaths

who are trying to take control of the planet?

You will find here some creative solutions.

«Solutions»  in the brain of criminals
Karma - prison for criminals

  Karma - magnet for criminals

Mauvais karma du 1%


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Tips for practice



We are the 99%

   Introduction : spiritual self-defense


    Soldiers in WWII:   My father who was an excellent person found himself with a uniform and a gun in France in 1939.  As soon as the Germans arrived, his companions and him received the order not to fight them and to surrender.  What they did.  He never used his gun.  He therefore became a prisoner for four years in near slavery helping the Nazis in their war effort.  Thank you to the Russians and to the Americans who liberated them.  If these hundreds of thousands of soldiers who received that order had decided to take the initiative and neutralize at least one enemy each, what would have happened?  It could have changed the course of history.  We are now in the middle of a war, are we ready to participate or do we want to surrender without fighting?

   I personally taught meditation for more than 30 years to generate harmony and peace.  I still practice it.  But it is not enough: to take care of a garden, we do not just put seeds and fertilizer, we must also remove weeds. The current times are exceptional.  If we do nothing to stop the weeds, the psychopaths, a big part of humanity will die and the rest will be in slavery.  It's time to use a small part of our time and spiritual powers to protect our human family by reducing the capabilities of global criminals.  No matter our beliefs, our age, our place, our health, our finances, everyone can participate.  Thanks to my past experiences, I'm sure if a small number of people, day after day, incognito, uses their imagination and power of thought, in a short time, criminals will no longer be able to work.  By individually generating thoughts-forms in the same direction, we will create a laser effect and multiply the power and efficiency of intentions.

    All religions recognize the right and duty to defend ourselves.  This method is a very simple self-defense method.  It does not need a big training or other people.  Just a little time and concentration.  It is not intended to kill the guilty but simply to reduce their cognitive abilities to disorganize and discourage the attackers.  The globalists are poisoning humans with GMOs, pesticides, fluorine, chemtrails, vaccines, etc. to affect their brain. They now implant all humans with nanoparticles and physical implants to control their thinking and emotions.  Soon, thanks to the 5G and super computers, an artificial intelligence will be able to "manage" all the flock ... So, before we are no longer able to think by ourselves, we must use our thoughts to free ourselves.   We still have that extraordinary tool.

   Dealing with criminals 

   1  «Solutions»   in the brain of criminals      2 Prison for criminals         3 Karma - magnet     4 criminals-garbage

            I leave it to you to choose your favorite culprit by yourself.

1   «Solutions» in the brain of a criminal

We will visualize an important criminal in our eyes. Then we will imagine and wish a «solution» in his brain.

Then we do it with another one. And another. As often and long as possible.

    I turn inward.

     I visualize the face of my target.

     I imagine and I wish a change, a solution in his brain.

     I detach myself and do it again with another criminal.

     At the end I direct my thoughts towards Divine energy.

2  Prison for a criminal 

target1   We will imagine them arrested by the police, tried by judges of integrity and sentenced to very long prison terms with free vaccines.

I turn inward.

    I visualize the target (or targets).

    I imagine that person in handcuffs and taken away by the police,

    then tried and sentenced in a court of law,

    finally put behind bars for a long, long time ...

    I detach myself

    I start again with another target.

    I imagine the population free and happy.

3  Karma-magnet

  We are going to imagine that the target is like a magnet which attracts to himself all the suffering that he has generated voluntarily, freeing the victims at the same time.

    I turn inward.

    I let the universal energy pass through me.

    I visualize my target.

    I imagine that this person is like a magnet which attracts to him all the sufferings that he generated.

    I  imagine the sufferings leaving the victims and flying toward the torturer.

    The sufferings remains glued to the target, freeing the victims.

    I detach myself.

    I chose another target.

Alternative:   Rubber bands

    We can also imagine that the sufferings of the victims is connected to the body of the torturer by powerful rubber bands bringing back their bad karma.  I already use this method successfully with spell-casters.

    I imagine that powerful rubber bands connect the sufferings of the victims to their torturer.

    I imagine that these rubber bands pull back this sufferings to him freeing the victims.

4  Criminals as garbage cans

We could call this practice "return to the sender"

        I look at a picture of a criminal or I visualize it.

        I focus on his forehead.

        I imagine that I send him all my frustrations, fears, depression, worries, etc.

        I detach myself and direct my thoughts toward the Divine energy.


   Elimination of  Chemtrails


If you still have those long white lines in the sky left by planes, you have the possibility to exercise the power of your thoughts on matter.  Yes, it is possible to destroy the components of chemtrails using our imagination.  Several of us are experimenting with this method: it works!

    Different groups have spent a lot of energy using legal and political means, advertising and internet channels
to stop geo-engeenering .  Despite this, planes continue to spread their toxic substances.  It is therefore time to try a completely different approach that costs nothing and provides a quick solution:  power of intention and imagination.  When we do it, we find that the trails disappear within half an hour of our interventions.  The ancients were right: thoughts can create and destroy.

    I speak to myself internally and create images

I turn inward.

I direct my attention towards the pilots and tell them to stop, I tell them that they do not have the right to do it, that they have to leave.

I imagine that the planes have technical problems and disappear in a flash of light.

I visualize the white lines in the sky.

I imagine a giant vacuum cleaner that sends the nano-particles to a black hole.

I imagine that the particles are destroyed in a chain reaction.

I imagine a blue sky with natural clouds for hundreds of kilometers.

I imagine that the blue sky transmutes the remaining particles into oxygen.

I direct my thoughts toward the Divine energy.

I imagine that she cleans all the cells of my body.


       Time to time during the day (or the night ;-), if they continue spraying, recreate these thoughts and these images and direct them toward the culprits.   Even if there is only one person doing it, it works!!

    But do not count on your neighbor,  you are that person!

    Also remember that, even if you do not see them, planes also spread their chemical above fog and clouds to generate more rain, snow or hell, accusing the CO2 and global warming of their mischiefs.  So when the forecast has a special alert, it is good to do some practice and trick the meteorologists.

   You can influence few kilometers or hundreds of kilometers...   The sky is the limit.
   Have fun.

   Elimination of  5 G technology

    We recently learned that massive 5G technology has been implemented
in Wohan just before the outbreak of the Covid19.  The connection between the two are not clear yet but many scientists around the world are asking the governments for a moratorium for that technology.  They consider it very very very dangerous.
One of the common symptom of 5G and covid19 is a reduction of oxygen in the blood.   An easy mean to check if we have been affected is to use an oxymeter (30$) to measure our oxygen level. 

    5g could destroy all life on earth.

I speak to myself internally and create images

    I turn inward.

I visualize the computers controlling the 5G waves.

I use a laser beam to melt their delicate components.

I imagine that their programs get corrupt and crash.

I visualize the antennas.

I imagine the rapid degradation of their components and their destruction.

I visualize the 5G satellites.

I fry their electronic system.

I imagine that they stop responding and disappear into space.

I imagine that my immune system gets better and better.

I come back to reality.

   Tips for efficient practice

    Turn off  TV, radio  and minimize sensory stimuli
    Close your eyes and turn inward
    Reconnect with yourself
    Talk to yourself internally
    Create images

    Stay focused
    At the end, break away from the target.
    Direct your thoughts toward the Divine energy
    Stay light and happy.

I imagine that I am a light in the center of the brain.

I repeat to myself that I am a very powerful and determined being.

I imagine a golden Light filled with love and happiness above me.

I imagine that She fills my body and my aura with Her Energy.

I let the universal energy pass through me.

I always stay light and happy filled with love for humanity.


  The frog in hot water.  Everyone now knows the story of this frog that somebody put in a pot of cold water and heat it slowly.  The frog tolerates and adapts up to the point where it dies.  It doesn't realize that it could have just jumped out of the water and got away with it.  How many people are presently unaware of the current real danger?  On the top of that, how many people know that they have a formidable weapon:  their mind?

  Spiritual souls like to send good wishes, peace and love to everybody but we are now in a very important time of spiritual self-defense.    As spiritual persons, are we ready to use our thoughts and imagination to neutralize today's immense threats?  Or do we want to surrender without even trying?   In Hindu tradition, many deities are  warriors.   In Christian tradition we see angels fighting the dragons, demons and snakes.

   I don't have a great title. I am a simple citizen with many years of teaching and practice of meditation, a simple gentle  yogi.  Meditation is an excellent method for our inner life.  It has multiple positive effects.  Everyone should meditate every day, even if it's only 5 minutes.  It has so many benefits.  But, I see at least one risk:  demobilization, the excessive detachment from our material, social, political reality. Sheeps and
                    conspiration Consequently, there is a risk of becoming an obedient sheep.  It is easy to create a comfortable bubble, to feel good with ourself and to no longer care about the people around.   I have often joked that I would have no problem living alone in the depths of the woods because I get along very well with myself.  But now is not the time for hermitage.  Now is the time to mobilize.  It is the time to pick a side and act.

   All the peoples of the earth are currently undergoing a coordinated attack by a small, very wealthy group that wants to control everything and install a New World Order, a planetary dictatorship.  Western countries are particularly affected by these attacks under the guise of an alleged pandemic.  We are in a state of self-defense and we must use all non-violent means available to counter these criminals.  Numerous defense groups are being created, legal proceedings are being filed, people are demonstrating, others are providing information on the internet, etc.  But this cabal, this shadow government, this 1% continues to control populations and absolutely wants to vaccinate everyone with a very suspicious vaccine.  Water is getting very hot for the frogs.  We are all in danger of being subjected to a totalitarian regime.  We have to act.

   Considering the urgency, considering the sufferings created by these criminals, I decided to put aside for a time the kind yogi and to bring out the spiritual activist, the warrior.  I can't just be a spectator and say "It's going to be fine;  let's think positive;  the aliens will come and help us" while people are suffering and committing suicide.  We can't just sit there and do nothing.  Yes, we can
still sit but with our TV and radio turned off, while creating and sending thoughts-forms to change our surroundings.  It is the specialty of spiritual people.
Frog meditating
  You are going to tell me: “Another sweet dreamer. Too much meditation! ”   May be.  However, I have seen many times in my life that my thoughts became realities or influenced reality.  I had to learn to master my thoughts because bad things would happen to people i had problems with.  It became even more concrete when, one day, I realized that I could make chemtrails, clouds of nano-particles disappear by thought.  I have since learned that humans have a very special gene that gives them this power over matter.  I am not an exception because everyone has this gene.  Anyone can create or destroy by thought but we have been told: "It's just imagination!"   It is not.  The media use this power to make us create a very dark reality.   But taking back that power is easy and simple.  We can then use it to win this 3rd world war, very different from the others.   We are the 99%!

   It doesn't matter if you call it prayer, meditation, visualization, magical thinking, power of intention or imagination.  The main thing is to create clear and intense thoughts, images and intentions for a few minutes.  We create thoughts-forms.  We voluntarily plan what we want in the spiritual world.  We want to incapacitate the forces that threaten us.   When many have the same intentions, it is called an egregore, a collective force. 


  As the Romans used to say: "Qui vis pacem, para bellum" "Whoever wants peace, prepare for war".  In other words, be prepared to defend yourself and send the message to criminals that the game is not worth the candle.   And be determined to act if necessary.   Non violence is the best but sometimes we have to defend ourselves and all tools are welcome.

Armoiries du Canada
Unicorn in the coat of arms of Canada

    We can see a chained unicorn in the coat of arms of Canada with the crown of England around its neck attached to a chain.  For me, it has always symbolized the chaining of the spiritual powers of Canadians natives by some evil force.  But when we look at the end of the chain, we can see that it is not attached anywhere.   I think  it means that, even if we seem to be under control, in fact we are free if we want to be free.  

We have been educated through religions to use our thoughts and prayers only to have good wishes for all but not to defend ourselves.  The power of thoughts is simply a tool.  It's the intention that makes the difference.  If I wish someone badly just because I do not like him/her, that is not karmically acceptable.  But if I want a criminal to be incapacitated in a non-violent manner to save a large number of people, I personally am quite comfortable with that.  It is the very principle of justice and self-defense.

   While religion told the population to forgive and turn the other cheek if struck, priests and pastors in agreement with the government abused and killed 50,000 Native Canadian children in the 20th century!

  The battle for the planet continues.  We have spiritual weapons.  Let's use them.

   We must fight with our powerful and determined thoughts.  As often as possible we must focus on destroying their plans.  Our survival depends on it.

Trust the plan  Q

    We are the 99%.   We will win! 

2022  the year for victory!